Exploring the Azores with Darciu Paiva

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The Azores: the place where Europe meets Hawaii

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Did you know that the Azores are the westernmost point of Europe? People have been coming here for a long time - the Carthaginians sailed here way back in the IV-III centuries BC, the Arabs called them the Hawk Islands, and even Vikings landed on them in the IX century. In the XV century, when Portugal owned the place, Christopher Columbus was arrested here because people thought he was a pirate! Crazy, right? And in the XX century, the Russian Empire tried to buy two of the islands but it didn't work out.

Anyway, each of the Azores has its own vibe. You can find all kinds of landscapes here - rugged rocky shores like in the Faroe Islands, hot springs like in Iceland, volcanic landscapes that remind you of Hawaii, grassy meadows that look like they came from Ireland, and even some Mediterranean vibes. It's seriously a traveler's paradise, and we're going to see it all for ourselves!

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Dárcio Paiva is a native Azorean born on the island of Faial. After time in America, the Netherlands and mainland Portugal Dárcio made his home in Terceira. Dárcio is a certified guide of the Azores with two specialties Geopark (geology and volcanology) and Ocean (works as a whale spotter and whale watching guide), with 11 years of experience and passion for nature and history. He tends to give the full experience of the Azores and its secrets.

Dárcio Paiva
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San Miguel
San Jorge
We'll start our day by taking a flight from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada, a city on the island of San Miguel known for its "gentleman farmers". There's so much to see here, including geysers, crater lakes, and the world's only pineapple greenhouses!

One of the highlights of the day is definitely walking around the Sete Cidades lakes, which are considered one of the seven wonders of Portugal. The views are absolutely stunning, and we'll also make our way up to the Boca do Inferno observation deck, which is one of the most beautiful spots in the Azores.

To relax, we'll take a dip in the ocean's mineral springs, which bubble right near the beach. And there's no better way to end the day than watching the sunset on the beach with a glass of wine. Afterwards, we'll head to our cozy hotel for a good night's rest.

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